Location Search

Location Search
Enter in Place Name the Name of the desired location, and click Search. Using wildcards ( * ) will broaden the search. E.g. typing New* followed by Enter will show in a drop-down list all locations starting with New, such as New York, Newbury, Newton, etc. Choose the desired location and click View Forecast.

Longitude / Latitude Search
You can Search for a location using Latitude and Longitude. On the Location Search page, click the tab Coordinates. Enter the Latitude and Longitude in the respective boxes, and press. Weather data for the station nearest to those co-ordinates will be presented.

Favorites Search
Found on page Location Search under the Favorites tab, the list of Favourites can be used to quickly display the desired location {page}. Simply click on a Favouritesin this list to see the desired location and page.


Definition of the main Symbols:

The standard Tables shows 24 hourly readings of each variable for all days of forecast. Colour within the table shows variations of the values (e.g. high temperature).

Tabular Charts
The Tabular Charts provides aggregated variable values over time sections of each day.

Spray Window

The Spray Window shows you the daytime when spraying application is recommended. A key below the Spray Window indicates the meaning of the colours and letters that may appear within the Spray Window . Hovering with the mouse over a particular value in the Spray Window will show an explanation of the recommendation.


How To Add
Favourites can be added by clicking the small star icon. A box then appears where you can enter the Name of this new favourite. By clicking the "Add to Favorites" button, the favourite will be added to your list of favourites, which can be accessed on the Location Search under Favorites.

How to Search Favourites
Favourites can be found on page "Location Search". Click the Favorites tab.

Print Page

How to Print page
Print the current page view by clicking on the small printer icon. In the “print” dialog box, click Print Page, to print the view presented in the pop-up window to the standard printer.

Nearby Stations

How to Search Nearby Stations
Clicking on the Nearby Stations link shows the nearest stations to location selected. Clicking on one of these will update the page, showing data for the selected station.